Webinar: Approaching Cybersecurity with Confidence

How to Build a Cyber Attack Response Plan for your Church

This webinar has already occurred.

cybersecurity webinar

We’re rounding out Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a webinar, and we’d love for your to join us! On Thursday, October 29th, Enable Senior Strategy Consultant Wesley Packard is going to talk about Approaching Cybersecurity with Confidence.

Cybersecurity attacks and breaches are real threats for churches, and we’re only seeing them increase in frequency as technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives. For a lot of people, these threats illicit feelings of fear, and the uncertainty feels daunting. If the possibility of a cybersecurity attack feels something like a looming disaster that you’re not quite prepared for, this webinar is for you!

Being prepared and having a plan is the best way to combat a cybersecurity attack. Putting prevention practices in place and having a solid response plan for the worst case scenario are the two key ways to minimize the fear and uncertainty surrounding cybersecurity, so in this month’s webinar we are going to do just that! Join us to learn how to both prevent and respond to a cybersecurity attack.

You will leave this webinar equipped with:

  • Best practices for preventing cyberattacks in the first place
  • How to know if you’ve actually been breached or suffered from a cybersecurity attack, AND what action steps to take in response
  • How to create a cyber attack response plan that minimizes fear and uncertainty related to cybersecurity
  • Real-life examples of real churches who have dealt with cybersecurity issues, and how they responded
  • With time for a live Q&A at the end!
Our Presenter

Wesley Packard is a Senior Strategy Consultant at Enable Ministry Partners. He has been with us for over a year now, and we are eternally grateful that he joined the Enable team! Wesley helps our clients build their IT strategy to bring their vision to reality and enable ministry. Additionally, he designs processes and assists with implementation of construction projects. Wesley is a Franklin, Tennessee native, where he lives with his wife and four children. He loves spending time outdoors and enjoying sports with his kids.

If you have any questions about the webinar or would like to talk to someone before signing up, feel free to email us at [email protected].