disk encryption

Disk Encryption: Preventing Unauthorized Access to your Data

In other posts covering the security of your church’s information technology infrastructure, we have covered topics such as multi-factor authentication, UTM firewalls, email security practices, password management, security training, and the implementation of documented security policies. Even if all of these policies are observed conscientiously, there are still opportunities for cybercriminals to wreak havoc on…

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O365 Collaboration

Office 365: Collaboration | Enable Webinar Series

Check out the third installment of our Office 365 Webinar Series, a focus on the collaboration tools included in O365. We want to help churches understand the in’s and out’s of these applications, so that you can maximize the resources that are included in the Office 365 E1 (and above) package, which is available at no…

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utm firewall

UTM Firewall: What is it and How Does it Work?

It is not news to most church staff (or almost anyone else in the developed world) that the instance and potential impact of cyber-attacks is expanding at an exponential level. Not only are churches not immune from this trend, but, with increasing regularity, they are a chosen target of this trend. This heightened cyber threat environment presents…

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business continuity

Beyond Backup: Ministry Continuity

The discussion of technology security goes beyond cybercrime and hacking. It also must focus on the backup of important technology data and assets. The importance of data backup is not a new idea. Churches and other organizations have long recognized the importance of backing up their critical data. Your important church data resides in several…

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for every alaskan

Ministry Spotlight: For Every Alaskan

Alaska is a place of irony. It is easily one of the most beautiful spots in the world, boasting stunning scenery and teeming with wildlife. At the same time, it is a place filled with brokenness and pain. The levels of drug abuse, rape, depression, and suicide are alarmingly high among the population of Alaska.…

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email security

Email Security: The Keys to the Kingdom

You may be familiar with some version of an all too common nightmare email story. A trusted manager receives an urgent email requesting immediate action. Their superior is traveling, does not have cell service, and is unable to connect to the financial accounts or systems. An important payment to a partner, missionary, or vendor is…

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Ultimate Guide OneNote

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically saves and syncs your notes as you work. You can organize your content into different notebooks that you can then divide into sections and pages. OneNote allows you to revise your notes with type, highlighting, or ink annotations. With easy navigation and search, you can always find your notes…

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employee training

Employee Security Training: Your Most Powerful Tool in the Cybersecurity Fight

Imagine that you have installed the most expensive, state-of-the-art security system available to protect your home. A technology marvel, it combines heat sensors, motion detection, hair-trigger alarms, sophisticated locks, intrusion barriers—the whole works. It is a system capable of frustrating and bewildering the most seasoned criminal. But such a system can actually be defeated quite…

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o365 productivity webinar

Office 365: Productivity | Enable Webinar Series

Check out the second installment of our Office 365 Webinar Series, a focus on the productivity tools included in O365. We want to help churches understand the in’s and out’s of these applications, so that you can maximize the resources that are included in the Office 365 E1 (and above) package, which is available at no…

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technology children's ministry

Ministry Spotlight: Irving Bible Church

Meeting Kids Where They Are: Utilizing Technology in your Children’s Ministry Tess Nordick works in children’s ministry at Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas. Before joining the church staff, Tess worked at IBM for ten years. Technology innovation has always been a big part of her world. One of Tess’s strongest ministry passions is pursuing…

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child check-in

Why Children’s Check-in Matters

Children’s Check-in Matters to your Ministry (Yes, Yours!) Whether you are children’s ministry leader or not, if you work in a church that serves people with kids, then your church’s child check-in process has a tangible impact on your ministry. A well-developed children’s check-in process is critical to just about every ministry at your church, whether it’s Bible study, community groups, preschool…

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cybersecurity for churches

11 Vital Cybersecurity Tips for Churches

Cybersecurity rightfully occupies a spot at the forefront of the news today and is a topic of great concern for leadership in churches, ministries, businesses, and organizations of every kind. The concept can be overwhelming to many, and unfortunately, too many churches do not have a comprehensive strategy in place to prevent attacks from those…

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CPC Special Saturday

Ministry Spotlight: Special Saturday

Special Saturday is an incredible ministry hosted at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. It is a respite program for special needs families. Once a month, parents of children with special needs can come and drop their children off for a morning full of music, crafts, snacks, dancing, Bible lessons, and games. The parents get…

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church self care

Self Care: A Word from Pastor Gary Lindsay

April has gone, May is here, and as churches are coming out of the busy Easter season and looking ahead to all that summer brings it is important for staff members to remember to take care of themselves, too! It is easy to get caught up in all of the planning, preparation, and craziness that…

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Office365 Webinar

Office 365: An Overview | Enable Webinar Series

Did you know that O365 includes over 16 world-class productivity tools in its E1 license which is available to churches at no monthly cost? O365 has tons of tools to help you collaborate with your team, track the progress of projects, keep you on track, set appointments, gather information, and so much more: OneDrive, Teams, Stream,…

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easter tech checklist

Technology Checklist for a Busy Sunday

There are a few times every year when attendance at church spikes dramatically. Easter Sunday and Christmas always see more faces than normal. Other times, the church may be sponsoring a conference or hosting a large event. The common experience during all of these times is a large, episodic influx of visitors. This influx creates…

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onedrive church

OneDrive for Your Church: Why You Need It

Gone are the days of having to go into the office to fetch a file or email. The Cloud is taking over the world, and quickly. This accessibility brings some major benefits for organizations using it, and churches are no exception!  At Enable, we’re huge fans of all things Microsoft/Office 365 and the feature we…

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vCIO key role

Are You Missing This Key Piece to Your Technology Puzzle?

We talk to churches every day who have invested money, time, and effort into implementing new technology as a tool for ministry, but are disappointed in the results. Through the constant bombardment of news and information regarding ever-changing technologies, they try to pick and choose solutions wisely. They employ these technologies to avoid headaches, but…

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Ministry Spotlight: SchoolWorks

Carlos: A Life is Changed Carlos was in kindergarten. By all appearances, he was a quiet little boy with his whole future ahead of him. But given his actual situation, the statistics predicted that he was very likely to fall through the cracks and miss out on the educational and economic opportunities that our country…

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Wi-Fi: Solving the Real Problem

Remember the days when it would take a 10-pound laptop and a 50-foot network cable to access the Internet in any room other than where the cable modem was? Those days are long-gone, and we have Wi-Fi (and some other new technology) to thank for that! Wi-Fi is everywhere now and is in fact a…

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microsoft licensing

Microsoft Licensing for Non-Profits: A Guide

Microsoft Windows Licensing can be very expensive and tricky to navigate for organizations, but it is a vital piece of the technology infrastructure. The good news: there are discounted options for non-profit organizations and churches. The bad news: the structure of these discounts is fairly complicated. In this post we will break down servers, licenses,…

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password manager

Why You Need A Password Manager

How many times have you seen the “incorrect password” message when trying to log into one of your frequented (or not frequented) sites? Surely by now you’ve heard how dangerous it is to use the same password for every account you have. It’s time to ditch the Word/Excel document or sticky note with your password…

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chms integration

ChMS Integrations

In our last post, we discussed the necessity for making your ChMS the “Single Source of Truth” for the people and activity data in your church. Once churches implement the necessary information processes and gain the staff commitment to the single source of truth concept, they have gone a long way in ensuring that the…

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ben ellis worships with CPA students

Ministry Spotlight: Ben Ellis

September was a month of powerful and emotional remembrance. On a national level, we honored those who lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. In the community of Brentwood, Tennessee, Enable’s home, we also remembered the life and legacy of our friend, Ben Ellis. Ben left us in September 2016 but lives powerfully still…

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chms single source truth

Single Source of Truth: Your ChMS

In our experience consulting with churches who are looking for new church management software, there is one “main thing” that triggers most churches’ search in the first place. People don’t trust their data. The reason they don’t trust their data is that many times, the information doesn’t add up. In some cases, they don’t have…

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wireless technology

Why We Recommend Ruckus Wireless

The need for and expectations of wireless networks is ever-growing, and it can be overwhelming when deciding what wireless network equipment to install in your organization. There are countless products available from many different vendors, all offering similar features and advertising that they are the best solution for all of your wireless needs. Often times, your decision will come down to what solutions you know others…

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Ministry Spotlight: ChangePoint Alaska

When caring people are willing to enter unselfishly into dark, ugly situations to help those who cannot help themselves, lives are changed, horrible circumstances are reversed, and “impossible” situations are transformed. The people of ChangePoint Alaska witness these types of life changing turnarounds on a regular basis.   ChangePoint Alaska describes themselves as a community…

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Ministry Spotlight: Irving Bible Church

Irving Bible Church is a large church in the Dallas area, dedicated to spiritual growth and community service through its various ministry initiatives, both inside and outside the walls of the church. When Enable Ministry Partners first connected with IBC in 2008, IBC was dealing with some significant technology issues that were hampering its ministry…

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