Wi-Fi: Solving the Real Problem

Remember the days when it would take a 10-pound laptop and a 50-foot network cable to access the Internet in any room other than where the cable modem was? Those days are long-gone, and we have Wi-Fi (and some other new technology) to thank for that! Wi-Fi is everywhere now and is in fact a…

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microsoft licensing

Microsoft Licensing for Non-Profits: A Guide

Microsoft Windows Licensing can be very expensive and tricky to navigate for organizations, but it is a vital piece of the technology infrastructure. The good news: there are discounted options for non-profit organizations and churches. The bad news: the structure of these discounts is fairly complicated. In this post we will break down servers, licenses,…

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password manager

Why You Need A Password Manager

How many times have you seen the “incorrect password” message when trying to log into one of your frequented (or not frequented) sites? Surely by now you’ve heard how dangerous it is to use the same password for every account you have. It’s time to ditch the Word/Excel document or sticky note with your password…

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chms integration

ChMS Integrations

In our last post, we discussed the necessity for making your ChMS the “Single Source of Truth” for the people and activity data in your church. Once churches implement the necessary information processes and gain the staff commitment to the single source of truth concept, they have gone a long way in ensuring that the…

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ben ellis worships with CPA students

Ministry Spotlight: Ben Ellis

September was a month of powerful and emotional remembrance. On a national level, we honored those who lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. In the community of Brentwood, Tennessee, Enable’s home, we also remembered the life and legacy of our friend, Ben Ellis. Ben left us in September 2016 but lives powerfully still…

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chms single source truth

Single Source of Truth: Your ChMS

In our experience consulting with churches who are looking for new church management software, there is one “main thing” that triggers most churches’ search in the first place. People don’t trust their data. The reason they don’t trust their data is that many times, the information doesn’t add up. In some cases, they don’t have…

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wireless technology

Why We Recommend Ruckus Wireless

The need for and expectations of wireless networks is ever-growing, and it can be overwhelming when deciding what wireless network equipment to install in your organization. There are countless products available from many different vendors, all offering similar features and advertising that they are the best solution for all of your wireless needs. Often times, your decision will come down to what solutions you know others…

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Ministry Spotlight: ChangePoint Alaska

When caring people are willing to enter unselfishly into dark, ugly situations to help those who cannot help themselves, lives are changed, horrible circumstances are reversed, and “impossible” situations are transformed. The people of ChangePoint Alaska witness these types of life changing turnarounds on a regular basis.   ChangePoint Alaska describes themselves as a community…

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Ministry Spotlight: Irving Bible Church

Irving Bible Church is a large church in the Dallas area, dedicated to spiritual growth and community service through its various ministry initiatives, both inside and outside the walls of the church. When Enable Ministry Partners first connected with IBC in 2008, IBC was dealing with some significant technology issues that were hampering its ministry…

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