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If you Scored 25-43%

Your ChMS situation is not working for you. The ChMS is not really supporting your ministry effectively and your staff may question whether it is an effective tool to enable ministry. Most likely, there is widespread dissatisfaction with your ChMS, and staff may be using their own individual, non-ChMS tools to accomplish their ministry work. Enable can help you think through several questions. Are you currently using a ChMS that is not actually a good fit for your needs? Are you using a ChMS that may be adequate for your needs but was not implemented and configured properly for your environment? Do you really just need a plan for improved training and ongoing improvement?

If you Scored 44-62%

Your ChMS is working “just OK” for you, and results amongst the staff are very inconsistent. Some staff are comfortable with your ChMS and like it well enough, but many still are not “fans.” Some key ministry processes and systems may not be well implemented into your ChMS, or your ChMS may lack some important functionality you need. The degree of adoption of the ChMS as the primary ministry management tool may be inconsistent between departments. Enable can help you identify key areas for improvement while also helping your staff gain alignment around key tools and ministry processes.

If you Scored 63-81%

Your ChMS is adequate, but there are lots of opportunities for improvement. There may still be a few areas where staff use “workarounds” to track information outside of the ChMS. These workarounds cause data silos that require added work and data reconciliation to provide accurate reports. Enable can help your staff improve its utilization of your ChMS and bring together the other ministry tools you use so that your team, fully aligned, can work better together.

If you Scored 82-100%

Congratulations! Your ChMS seems to be working pretty well for you. You are in the enviable position of being able to focus upon optimization and improvement. Let’s talk about ways to optimize your ChMS roadmap and make things even better!


Now that you have your personalized ChMS Score and a better idea of how well your software is actually serving your church’s ministry processes, let’s chat! Be on the lookout for an email from Enable in the next few days to set up your follow-up results call with our Senior ChMS Consultant.

While you’re waiting, here’s a free gift from us to say “Thank You!” for filling out our survey. We put together our top ten keys for ChMS success from our years of experience working with churches just like yours. Check it out here:

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