The cybersecurity landscape is changing rapidly. In just the past year, cybercrime has become a fixture in the news as new ransomware variants, vulnerabilities in processor hardware, and major identity theft breaches have been publicized on an almost daily basis. We stay on top of these developments and the emerging solutions so that you can be as prepared as possible for the threats that are out there.



In an increasingly connected, “always on” world, information cybersecurity is a critical concern.  Information security encompasses a broad area, and has implications for individual devices, individual users and church networks.


At the individual computer or device level, it encompasses anti-virus and anti-malware, password protection, and data encryption. In educating individual people about cybersecurity concerns for their church, we discuss annual security training, preventing email phishing and other social engineering attacks, and protecting personal information. In looking at the church network, we focus on firewalls, vulnerability patch management, data integrity, least-access principles, and administrative controls related to systems access. Moving data or systems into the cloud presents a unique set of challenges for churches as they desire to make information available ubiquitously while still protecting it from unauthorized access.


At each of these layers, there are devices, software, appliances, systems, or training that can and should be utilized to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and information.  We stand ready to assist you with realizing all of technology’s potential for ministry while simultaneously protecting valuable and private member and church data.



Sometimes bad things happen. If you’ve ever contemplated what would happen if you suddenly lost all your organization’s data, or your offices were destroyed, you know what a scary thought that can be.  A fire could destroy your server room, a broken water main could flood your building, or a tornado could level your community. In addition to these natural disasters, churches are increasingly aware of the dangers associated with various types of cybercrime.  At Enable Ministry Partners we have experience helping our customers ensure that even if something like this does occur, they can recover. And even more than recover, that they can continue to work throughout the recovery efforts.


Our solutions allow us to rapidly restore access to your data.  We use special hardware that can take over from your servers if they fail.  We can also utilize additional cloud servers (on the Internet) that will behave like an entire network for you.  Your staff and users can then work from home or anywhere they can find an internet connection.  They will then have access not just to their data, but also to copies of your actual servers.  Even if your physical servers are damaged beyond repair and your building is itself destroyed.


If that sounds impossible, it’s not. We’d love to talk to you about how we can do this for you too. Your staff will be able to be productive and connected while our team of Enable Ministry Partners engineers help you rebuild and recover. When you no longer need to be concerned about those “what if” scenarios, you will be able to spend more time focusing on your mission and ministry goals.