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As your trusted IT provider, we encourage you to remain vigilant in keeping your data safe. Since the pandemic in 2020, cybercrimes have increased nearly 600%! These types of crimes include identity theft, email scams, social engineering ploys, and others, etc., all of which can cause significant financial and reputational loss. Below we’ve assembled a variety of resources that can assist you and your staff in keeping your organization cybersafe. Our hope is that you will use these resources and apply as many of the recommendations as possible.

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Cybersecurity Terms

Cybersecurity Terms Cheat Sheet

Don’t fall victim to cyber attacks! Stay in the know by being aware of these common phrases and tactics. 


Enable’s Cybersecurity Checklist

Keeping your organization safe and secure is vital. We created this Cybersecurity Checklist as a reference to guide you in the right direction in keeping your organization secure. 

Cybersecurity Myth vs. Reality

Cybersecurity for Churches: Myths vs Reality

The reality is, all churches are a target for cybercrime! Be on guard and keep your data secure by outsmarting hackers. 

_5 Cyber Myths

5 Cybersecurity Myths Church Leaders Believe

Bust common myths about your church technology by implementing these best practices.

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Stay cybersafe and defend yourself against cybercriminals!

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