We hope you enjoyed Melody’s M365 demo session for this year’s TCN conference!
Here are some curated resources for you to dive even deeper
into all that M365 has to offer for your and your church:

teams essential features

Mini Webinar: MS 365 Essential Features

In this Webinar series we have curated a list of Microsoft 365 Essential Features for you to quickly review specific items within Teams. In this mini-series you will find several quick guides to these popular “Essentials” within Teams. Our own Melody Parlett demonstrates a live demo of these tools and gives practical applications of these features in several church-specific scenarios!  

teams productivity

Mini Webinar: MS 365 Productivity Power-Ups

In part two of this Microsoft 365 Teams mini-series, we have cultivated this list to help you manage your workflow expectations. Click below to find several helpful tips to generate successful productivity within Teams.


Getting Started with Teams is Easy!

Navigating Teams doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use this guide to help you navigate and use Teams efficiently within your Church!