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Microsoft 365 vs Other apps

Microsoft 365 Tools vs Other Apps

Utilizing Microsoft 365 Tools to Enable Ministry Simple and clear communication is essential in any organization, and a church is no different. Beyond face-to-face meetings, vital communication occurs in emails, group texts, project planning apps, virtual meeting apps, note-taking platforms, survey tools, etc. With communication options, you name it—it’s out there. Wouldn’t it be great…

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file management

File Management 101

While these tips are written in the context of Microsoft Teams, the basic principles can be applied to whichever file sharing & storing platform you use, be it Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.   One of the most important aspects of a collaborative work environment is file storing and sharing. Our favorite file management platform…

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ms powerful tool

Office 365: A Powerful All-in-One Platform

Office 365: A Powerful Platform that Enables Ministry, Enhances Stewardship, and Elevates Performance There are seemingly a thousand and one technology tools available to help you accomplish all the things you need to get done in a typical workday. From communicating with your team, planning and building out projects, creating presentations and visuals, conducting virtual…

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Issues Opening Shared OneDrive Links

How to Fix Issues Opening Shared OneDrive Links

Microsoft 365’s OneDrive (and Teams/SharePoint) file sharing is a super helpful tool for accessing your files from anywhere on any device and sharing those files with coworkers and other collaborators. However, there is a “trick” to fix issues opening shared OneDrive links and making this file sharing process seamless. Many OneDrive users become frustrated when…

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Ultimate Guide OneNote

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically saves and syncs your notes as you work. You can organize your content into different notebooks that you can then divide into sections and pages. OneNote allows you to revise your notes with type, highlighting, or ink annotations. With easy navigation and search, you can always find your…

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teams phone system

Teams as a Phone System and How to Use It

Teams Calling Microsoft Teams is a one-stop-shop for groups to collaborate easily and efficiently, and it has become an especially helpful tool right now during the global pandemic when many churches and staff are still working remotely. One awesome feature we want to highlight today is Teams Calling. Calling is used within the Microsoft Teams…

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microsoft teams guide

Microsoft Teams: A Quick-Start Guide

Microsoft Teams is a platform that Enable and our clients find invaluable to a functioning flexible collaborative working environment. We created this guide to explain the features of Teams and to help as many churches as possible know about and be able to use this resource.    What is Microsoft Teams The best way to…

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microsoft licensing

Microsoft Licensing for Non-Profits: A Guide

Microsoft Windows Licensing can be very expensive and tricky to navigate for organizations, but it is a vital piece of the technology infrastructure. The good news: there are discounted options for non-profit organizations and churches. The bad news: the structure of these discounts is fairly complicated. In this post we will break down servers, licenses,…

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