Webinar: Microsoft Teams for Churches

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teams for churches webinar

Remote working is not new to any of us anymore. It’s simply the way things are and how the world works. And because we’re all remote, we understand the importance of being connected to your coworkers and working together in the most productive way. We feel like Microsoft Teams does the best job at this! One big perk is that Microsoft licensing is FREE for all 501c3 organizations. This is great news for churches!

We put together this on-demand webinar to give you a solid overview of what Microsoft Teams is and how to use it in a church context. In 25 minutes we will cover the main features of Teams, including:

Chat, Channels, Calendar and Outlook, Meetings, Volunteers/Guests, File storage and sharing, and much more!

This webinar will be helpful if you are thinking about getting Microsoft Teams for your organization, have just rolled out Teams for your staff and you are learning about what the tool can do, or you’ve been on Teams for a while and want to increase your knowledge. Bookmark this one as a great training resource for your team as we kick off the new year!

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If you have any questions about the webinar or would like to talk to someone before signing up, feel free to email us at [email protected].