Office365: An Overview – How your Church can Benefit from all of the Included Goodies in O365

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O365 Webinar

If your church has Office 365 (O365) or has ever thought about making the switch, this webinar is for you! Fill out the following form to reserve your spot!  

Did you know that O365 includes over 16 world-class productivity tools in its E1 license which is available to churches at no monthly cost? O365 has tons of tools to help you collaborate with your team, track the progress of projects, keep you on track, set appointments, gather information, and so much more: OneDrive, Teams, Stream, Planner, Flow, and Forms, just to name a few. Simply put, these tools can make your life so much easier, if you implement them! 

Chances are, you haven’t heard of all of these, and we want to help you take full advantage of the ways your church can maximize the resources available in O365.  

In this webinar, Travis Phipps, the Director of Technology here at Enable, will talk about several features that are included in the Office 365 E1 (and above) package while giving practical applications in a church setting, and how they can aid your team’s workflow and ultimately strengthen your ministry.  

We’ve been working with churches for almost 20 years, and have been long-time fans of Microsoft’s services, and we simply want to share this knowledge with you so that you can take full advantage of the amazing features O365 has to offer! 

Included in the webinar:

  • Overview of some extremely helpful but little-known features included in O365
  • Live demo of many of the tools 
  • Practical applications of these features in a church setting
  • Q&A with Presenter Travis Phipps, Director of Technology at Enable Ministry Partners and self-proclaimed MS Office 365 Geek

If you have any questions about the webinar or want to talk to someone before signing up, feel free to email us at [email protected]. 

About The Presenter
travis phipps

Travis Phipps is the Director of Technology at Enable Ministry Partners and has been with the company for 8+ years. He helps manage Enable’s team of engineers and technicians and works closely with them to oversee Enable’s technology strategy and direction for our clients. Travis is a preacher’s kid who tells everyone that he loves serving at Enable doing what God clearly built him to do. He has a Business degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and lives in Wylie, Texas with his wife and two children.