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cybersecurity real world

Cybersecurity in the Real World: Spooky Stories From Real Churches Just Like You

Cybersecurity attacks can feel like vague, distant, ambiguous things that “happen to other people.” It’s easy to kid ourselves into thinking we’d never fall for a cyberattack, but the unfortunate reality is that this happens to incredibly smart and accomplished people all of the time. Cybersecurity attacks aren’t so obvious anymore, and they’re not passive…

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Webinar Church in the Cloud

Enable Webinar | Church in the Cloud

In this webinar, we are breaking down the benefits, considerations, costs, and savings of moving your church over to the cloud. While moving an entire church or organization over to a cloud-based solution is extremely beneficial, there are some important considerations to make before doing so – it’s not quite as easy as just pressing…

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cybersecurity webinar

Approaching Cybersecurity with Confidence

Cybersecurity attacks and breaches are real threats for churches, and we’re only seeing them increase in frequency as technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives. For a lot of people, these threats illicit feelings of fear, and the uncertainty feels daunting. If the possibility of a cybersecurity attack feels something like a looming…

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Webinar QandA

Enable Webinar | You Ask, We Answer

In our new webinar series, You Ask, We Answer, one of our Senior Engineers and Strategy Consultants tackle the most common church IT and strategy questions our clients run into every day in an interactive Q&A session. In this month’s webinar, they cover everything from managing IT, to the Cloud, to choosing the right vendor,…

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Security Webinar

The Do’s and Don’ts of Church IT Security | Enable Webinar Series

Why should you care about cybersecurity? Because your church’s network, environment, data, and the people behind all of that are important! Securing these things shouldn’t be an afterthought.  In this webinar, Do’s and Dont’s of Church Security, we talk about the most common cybersecurity threats all organizations face today, including social engineering, passwords, email & download…

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