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Teams Webinar

Enable Webinar | Microsoft Teams Live Q&A

Microsoft Teams is a platform that Enable and our clients have found invaluable to a functioning work environment for remote collaboration. The recent situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the associated impacts to working environments means that church teams need resources to communicate with one another remotely. Teams can help you and your coworkers…

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Enable Webinar | You Ask, We Answer

In our new webinar series, You Ask, We Answer, one of our Senior Engineers and Strategy Consultants tackle the most common church IT and strategy questions our clients run into every day in an interactive Q&A session. In this month’s webinar, they cover everything from managing IT, to the Cloud, to choosing the right vendor,…

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webinar security

The Do’s and Don’ts of Church IT Security | Enable Webinar Series

Why should you care about cybersecurity? Because your church’s network, environment, data, and the people behind all of that are important! Securing these things shouldn’t be an afterthought.  In this webinar, Do’s and Dont’s of Church Security, we talk about the most common cybersecurity threats all organizations face today, including social engineering, passwords, email & download…

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Office365 Webinar

Office 365: An Overview | Enable Webinar Series

Did you know that O365 includes over 16 world-class productivity tools in its E1 license which is available to churches at no monthly cost? O365 has tons of tools to help you collaborate with your team, track the progress of projects, keep you on track, set appointments, gather information, and so much more: OneDrive, Teams, Stream,…

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