TOP 10 REASONS WHY ENABLE Should Be Your Church Technology Partner

Enable Ministry Partners was formed specifically to meet the specialized needs of churches and affiliated ministries.  Everything that we provide is geared towards enabling ministry and enhancing Kingdom impact while maximizing the stewardship of resources.  Our mission is “Changing Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.”


Why is Enable Ministry Partners the right technology company for you?  Consider the 10 top reasons below…

Having served churches since 2001, we are very experienced with the unique systems that churches use, from Church Management software and check-in options, to media technology, digital signage, building controls, security and large-scale wireless for worship centers, auditoriums and other high-density environments.

We have a deep understanding of the discounted programs that are available to churches and the nuances that are required to take full advantage of them.

Our Ministry EnablementSM solution was formulated specifically for churches. We understand the processes and workflows of the church staff and how technology can help with assimilation, discipleship and leadership development.

Because Enable was formed to serve churches, we are very comfortable in mixed PC and Mac environments. Contrary to the assertion of some, Mac and PC can coexist harmoniously. Any company that is serious about supporting church technology environments effectively must understand how to make this work well.  Enable has been doing so since our inception.

We take a personal, relational team approach to serving you. In addition to our Nashville-based Service Desk, all of our clients have a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, Strategy Consultant and Primary Engineer.

Because many church staff work part-time, and sometimes away from the church building, we provide solutions that fit their family and ministry needs by empowering them to work whenever, from wherever.

We understand that every technology investment is actually a ministry investment in people. We will not “nickel and dime” you as we are committed to not only enabling ministry but also promoting faithful stewardship.

We respond quickly and work hard to get you in touch with the right person, for the right problem, at the right time. We will follow up faithfully until the problem is solved.

We will speak in plain English and will never make you feel ignorant for not understanding the nuances of technology. If you understood everything already, you would not need our help! We serve you so that you can serve others.

The Enable Team. We have a broad team of technology experts at all levels, but technical acumen alone is not enough to become an Enable team member. All Enable team members must demonstrate not only the highest technical ability but also must be committed to “Changing Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.”  Our team will always serve you faithfully, with a commitment to the Enable Values.