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Church Management Software Consulting

Providing better experiences by helping you find the “right fit,” optimizing your existing software, delivering customized training, and/or providing user support and “ChMS champions.”


Data Analytics

Discover insight hiding in your data to make better ministry decisions, grow your church and giving, serve your community more effectively, and reach more people with the Gospel.


Managed Technology Services

A ministry-driven suite of services including strategy, project management, and a full array of support options and cloud-based solutions.


changing lives by

serving those who serve

Brentwood Baptist ChurchBrentwood Baptist

Brentwood Baptist Church, located in the greater Nashville area, is one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the country. With over 9,000 members, and having grown from just one campus a few years ago to five currently, Brentwood Baptist faces many of the same challenges smaller churches and churches of a similar size face, as well as some unique to Brentwood Baptist. Brentwood Baptist utilizes a multi-site model with staff serving in different locations, and pursues manifold creative ministry initiatives that create a vibrant ministry environment and challenging technical requirements.


Irving Bible ChurchIrving Bible

Irving Bible Church is a large church in the Dallas area, dedicated to spiritual growth and community service through its various ministry initiatives, both inside and outside the walls of the church. When Enable Ministry Partners first connected with IBC in 2008, IBC was dealing with some significant technology issues that were hampering its ministry and operational objectives. IBC had an aging network structure and employed an ad hoc, reactive break-fix strategy to maintain its technology infrastructure and equipment. Due to its ministry plans and goals, however, IBC needed and wanted better. Since IBC was the frequent host of worship services, conferences, concerts, and other events, IBC leadership wanted to provide the best possible technology and data experience to everyone who came through the doors.



Technology solutions are helpful to a church only as they help enable ministry and enhance stewardship. We provide strategic and process consulting to enable you to implement the best technology, software and data analytics tools, at the right time, in the most effective way, to serve others well and to meet the ministry goals God has placed before you.

Managed Technology Services

While certainly not divine, technology can and should play a vital role in enabling churches to reach, serve, educate and care for people. We provide churches with our comprehensive Ministry Enablement ℠ solution, a unique blend of managed technology services that includes church software consulting, data analytics, strategic technology planning, project management, network design and support, telecommunications, a fully-staffed help desk, business continuity, and cloud-based solutions.

Project Implementation

Technology brings great opportunity to enable ministry when properly utilized. No matter how large or small your church or your project, we can help you think about, define, plan, manage and execute the technology project to meet your ministry goals. With all projects, our passion is enabling ministry and seeing lives changed as we serve those who serve.

Cloud Services

Ubiquitous broadband connections and exciting developments in technology have made it possible for many computing services like file storage, email, church management software, and data backup to now be accessed securely, efficiently and cheaply via the cloud. Our cloud solutions help multiply ministry while obtaining the greatest value possible for your technology investment.

Business Continuity

Sometimes floods, fires, tornadoes, computer viruses or human errors happen, and your data is lost or your facilities are destroyed. We help ensure that even if something like this does occur, your staff can remain connected and productive while your Enable engineers help you rebuild and recover. When you no longer need to be concerned about those “what if” scenarios, you will be able to spend more time focusing on your mission and ministry goals.

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