Who We Serve

At Enable Ministry Partners, we exist to Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.  Specifically, we serve churches, ministries and related non-profit organizations.  What binds us all is a commitment to making a significant change in the lives of people by serving their most pressing needs, be they spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, social or otherwise. Below you can find the stories of many who are making a significant impact in the world by focusing their time, energy, creativity and passion on meeting the needs and improving the lives of others.  We are encouraged by these amazing people, and hope that you will be as well!

New City Staff

New City Church’s 32-hour Workweek: A Cure for Ministry Burnout? 

As part of the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, many workers and organizations are reconsidering traditional work arrangements and thinking differently about work/life tradeoffs. Churches are right in the middle of this conversation, with many describing an increased experience of “ministry burnout” amongst their staff.  So, is “ministry burnout” merely a short-term response to a…

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Ministry Spotlight: Thompson Station Church Partnership – Mazatlán, Mexico

Thompson Station Church (“TSC”), located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, has a unique partnership with a church in Mazatlán, Mexico. Alongside longtime missionaries Joe and Laurie Pacheco, TSC has been sending teams down to Mazatlán and partnering with Spirit and Truth Church for over 15 years. The Pachecos have been serving as the lead pastors…

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Ministry Spotlight: ChangePoint Alaska

When caring people are willing to enter unselfishly into dark, ugly situations to help those who cannot help themselves, lives are changed, horrible circumstances are reversed, and “impossible” situations are transformed. The members of ChangePoint Alaska and the surrounding community witness these types of life changing turnarounds on a regular basis.   ChangePoint Alaska describes…

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